T24 Consultant Service

We strive to maintain our trusted partnership status and provide knowledge based, innovation driven solutions to our Core Banking and Micro Finance customers to enable them to unlock tangible and intangible values

“We aim to improve operational and technical efficiency, and reduce the ongoing maintenance cost to support T24 Core Banking systems, by providing upgrades, enhancements and second level support for any system issues, without any compromising on the quality of the deliverables

Second Line Support

24 x 7 on line support

Implementation & Migration Support

We handle T24 Product implemetation and migration of T24 modules

Upgrades & Enhancements
Can handle the Business and Technical Upgrade of various modules.

Technical & Business Training
Provide various Training projects to T24 clients and Vendors across the globe. Both TAFC and TAFJ with Design Studio. Business Trainings including AA Core, Lending and Deposits.

Trade Finance Solution – T24

The T24 platform has two Trade Finance modules

  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Guarantees (MD)

These two modules need to be purchased along with core modules in order to fully implement the Trade Finance product suite


The scheme is to provide onsite local support and management of T24 application in the bank. The scope of the scheme covers:

  • Support Services for local development.
  • Database maintenance services.
  • Operation management services.
  • Minor change request for local development.
  • Interface and escalation to TEMENOS Helpdesk for T24 support.


Bank has picked Temenos T24 core banking solution to replace their legacy system. Their aim is to implement the solution in line with their specific​requirements and long term objectives. Timely delivery with the right approach is highly expected by the bank. Their expectation is also to implement within the budget and knowledge transfer is also a key milestone of the project in order to reduce the dependencies on normal and minor technical support. In order to achieve this following are the prerequisites:

  • Identifying the core team from the bank side who will be dedicated during the entire lifecycle of the implementation.
  • Organising pre-implementation training.
  • Engaging one T24 skilled resource who will work with the bank IT team.
  • A competent project manager from the bank side.


The support programme has been structured to equip Bank users and IT staff with hands-on support and training needed to optimally use T24 application for day-to-day operations. The program will include the deployment of team of consultants from us to help Banks in local development, technical support, process re-engineering and capacity building.