About Us

We specialize in IT Hedelpsk Support, IT Consulting, and System Integrators services

We are a young company since 2016, but come with combined expertise of more than 15 years in the areas of IT Banking Industry, focus on R& D, Implementation, Maintenance, Support & Advisory. We are “Technology Boutique” led by a team of seasoned professionals who understand the local challenges of BFSI industry in Cambodia.

LENOSTAR is committed to provide best in class solutions to address the challenges of local BFSI industry. LENOSTAR with its global partnerships with leading companies across the world brings the best IT products and services to solves problems and enhance productivity of its customers.


Outsource Your Day-to-Day IT Tasks, Management and Strategy

If your company doesn’t have IT staff, LENOSTAR’s Managed IT Services is your instant, turnkey solution so your business technology just runs.

Or you may already have an IT staff with the skills to keep you running day to day. Having LENOSTAR as your managed IT services provider gives you a team of experts that can partner with your internal team. We have the extra skills you may require occasionally but wouldn’t hire for, whether it’s for a special project, or for an ongoing technical ability you don’t need often.

Over 15 years of combined experience & expertise

To let the clients focus on their core value competencies, take advantage of Lenostar's technological expertise, and dramatically reduce the client's expenses. It has been proven to be a successful delivery model for providing clients an extension arm for their engineering facilities. To make it more value focused we provide a combination of onsite and offshore model to our clients.